December 13, 2016

If I were in charge of winter, things would be different

If you’re anything like me, you love colour.

Bright colours.

Contrasting colours.

And shiny stuff? Woo hoo!

I think this is why winter brings me down so much. The whole world around me is coated in whites and greys. I have to work really hard to find the colours that lift and brighten my day.

But the colours are there, dormant and hidden. Waiting for spring again.

It reminds me of the differences between seeing my art online and seeing it in person.

Online, I’ve bumped the colours up to brighten the images but there’s nothing like seeing them in person.

The neon brights almost vibrate.

The blacks are less flat.

And let’s just talk about teal and neon pink, because, BOOM!

In person, you can feel the heart and soul of my paintings.

I love it when I have visitors in my gallery because I always get the same response: “Oh! The colours!”.

Wild use of colour is my not-so-secret super power and I love it.

Which is why I love sending my original art to forever homes.

When someone buys a painting, it’s so satisfying for everyone. I love adding colour to a home or business, knowing that the pieces will work hard to lift the space and the viewers.

I love knowing that the moment I painted was moving and meaningful to someone else too. It brings me back to my roots of #yana You are not alone.

Humans share a love of stories, telling them to each other and making those stories part of our culture. In-jokes like “make it so” or “bitch” and “jerk” help us to be part of something bigger.

And that matters.

There’s no need to wait for spring to brighten your day! I have limited spots open for commissions. There’s a two-month turn around right now due to my schedule.

But if you want something faster, hit reply. I have a selection of ready-to-go original art for sale in a variety of fandoms. And there’s still time to order before Christmas in North America because I ship paintings via FedEx.

In the meantime, I’m going to see what I can do about winter. Maybe I’ll start wearing rainbow coloured glasses.
Did you know?

I now have public studio space in Dorchester, Ontario. My gallery is open by chance or appointment. Come and see my work in person.

I care about your purchases. All original art is wrapped and shipped via FedEx. Insurance, tracking and signature service are included in the cost.

Prints are shipped via Canada Post. If you want insurance, tracking and signatures on those, please email me. Additional costs apply.