September 17, 2015

I’ll Just Wait Here Then – Day 16 Challenge Painting

What can I say about Supernatural except, how did I not know about this before? The series is gripping, stupid, intelligent, scary and so in love with its fans. It feels like one big family of kooky people on the same bender.

I’m nearly caught up with the series now. Finishing off season 10. But I’m also rewatching earlier seasons since I’ve just essentially plowed through 223 episodes of awesome in a very short time.

This painting is classic Castiel. Still awkward. Still getting used to his situation.  An angel having to work around human frailties and needs.

There’s a song that goes with this image:

I’ll just wait here then

That’s what I’ll do

I’ll just wait here then

Wait for my cue. I raised you from perdition

to be God’s ammunition

But now you need some rest

so I will do what’s best

I’ll just wait here then

That’s all I’ll do

I’ll just wait here then

I’ll wait for you

– Lyrics by Robbie Thompson


Unlike my other portraits, this one is mainly background.  I didn’t have much to lay out other than the composition. Getting Castiel’s proportions correct.

sm_20150916_205107-1 sm_20150916_210422-1

There was a lot of blending. Some interesting things to note: not all paint colours are the same. Yellows and reds, for example, are very translucent. The pigments aren’t as stable. You can see that in the above photos, my magentas around the middle look very dark and indeed, as they dried, they darkened more. I had to mix in other colours like white, to make them stable.


As I painted, I started adding in colours on Castiel. It’s always important to paint the whole painting so that all elements belong together. I used yellows, blues, purples and more in Cas’s trench coat.


One of the last areas I worked on was his face and it took the longest time. For some perspective, this painting is 24″x12″ which meant that Cas’s head was just slightly over an inch in size. I used a very tiny brush to layer on colour, trying to get his likeness right. You can see the progression as I worked on adding shadows and lights, adjusting them minutely. I was wearing two pairs of glasses to magnify the image and still, there were times when I couldn’t quite see the tip of my paint brush because it was so fine.


I’m pretty chuffed with how this turned out though. So awesome. Cas is so awkward. The colours are moody and misty. And he’s just…waiting.


“I’ll Just Wait Here Then”


Acrylic on canvas

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