June 3, 2016

I’m Agent Riggs. This Is Agent Murtaugh

Buddy comedies. They are the stuff of gold.

I don’t think anyone expected the combination of Rufus Turner and Bobby Singer to be as incredible as it was.

I didn’t record the first part of this painting session. I think it was due to having company in my studio (it feels awkward when I record in front of others) but also due to being wiped. If I have limited energy, I’d rather put it to painting.


I love starting out with black and white. It’s so powerful. So defining.

I probably should have been an inker for a living. Except I’m sure that would drive me crazy with no colour to speak of.


I worked all over the canvas here. Making sure things stayed in balance as much as possible.


And this is where I ended. Normally I finish paintings in one go, but it doesn’t always happen. And I never feel like putting the pressure on. Painting is about passion and the journey, not about the destination.

Though sometimes the destination is awesome.


Then it was just a matter of finishing up.


But I wanted to point out the differences between the above image and the final. See how the details stage makes all the difference? See how shapes fill out and pop? I really spent time here.


“I’m Agent Riggs. This Is Agent Murtaugh.”

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.