September 21, 2018

I’m bored and it’s a good thing

Lately I haven’t had much down time. It’s understandable with all the moving stuff going on. When I do get a few free moments, I’m on my phone hanging out on social media.

My phone is my lifeline. No more standing around in lines with nothing to do. No more missing a friend when they can be at my fingertips. No more wishing I brought a book with me.

And I will admit to a slight solitaire addiction but I blame Microsoft and Windows 3.1 for that. I think it’s too late for me to fix.

Without couches here, I don’t have any place to just flop down and do nothing. I’ve discovered that if I lie on the floor, people think I’ve collapsed and died so that’s definitely out (sorry kids!).

Being bored is something we’re losing in our constantly connected culture.

Being bored leads us to new ideas or fixes to problems that have been lurking around. I can’t tell you how many times I solved coding problems while doing laundry or knitting.

Being bored is good for our brains too since it allows us to be creative in new ways.

I realised I haven’t been bored enough recently.

I was driving to get the kids from school the other day and I was bored out of my tree. My bluetooth has been a bit wacky on my phone so I wasn’t listening to Spotify like normal. It was just me, traffic and silence.

BOOM! I solved an issue I had with the third draft of my book. A book I thought I was going to toss aside as being unwriteable.

In that moment, thoughts and ideas came far and fast, like a dam had been broken.

I know I’m coming to the end of this transition into my new life and being bored, allowing myself to be bored, is one of those signs of coming back to my creative normal.

But I wonder what would happen to everyone if we all stepped away from screens and stuff every day for boredom? If we took that half hour to just be, day dream and let our minds wander.

I wonder what would happen to our levels of happiness and satisfaction and fulfillment?

I wonder what would happen to our dreams, how many would we bring to life?

I wonder what would happen if we let our kids get bored every day?