May 24, 2017

I’m Making ALL The Art

Monday was Victoria Day in Canada
It’s a pretty major long weekend for us in the frosty north. Cottage opening happens this weekend. Planting starts. Fireworks happen. Beer is consumed.

In my case, I painted.

I’m going to admit to something here…. I fell behind because I didn’t realize there was a Supernatural Convention in June. Shhhhhh I was thinking Chicago was my next show to paint for and then I saw posts online about Phoenix.*

Luckily, I paint fast. Thank goodness!

But also another thing happened. The Pride London Art Show organizer reached out to me to ask me to participate this year. I was in last year’s show and had a blast but this year has been a struggle for me in terms of output.

I was going to let the show slide but that personal request was too much to refuse. How do you turn down someone who really wants you in the show? And in a show that matters to me personally.

So, while I’m done the June IMAlive paintings, I’ve got MAY Pride paintings to do next.

In a fun overlap, I’m going to submit three large Supernatural paintings. If they don’t sell at the Pride show, they will work well for IMAlive. Win-win in my books.

You know, I love painting for IMAlive. I truly do. I don’t get paid. It takes time and energy to do them. But you know what? I get to paint HUGE! and I get to make a difference in so many lives just for painting. And IMAlive has been so supportive and wonderful to work with that I feel so very blessed.

For my newbies, who maybe don’t quite know what I’m talking about: is a crisis support network that helps people struggling with their mental health. They have an outreach program at Supernatural conventions in North America. I’ve seen them in action and they are beyond amazing.

One of the biggest keys to a happy life, is to live a meaningful life. One that includes service. I’ve done a lot of reading on the key to happiness and this comes up everywhere as the answer.

And you know what? It is. It works. Knowing that the art I make helps to fund the very people who save lives is a big deal. It means when I die, I’ve maybe left the world a bit better than I found it.

So I’m off to paint my brains out some more. Supporting my local Pride community. Supporting mental health services. Making a difference.

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