February 24, 2017

I’m Seriously Cheesed Off Here and I’m Not Talking About Cheddar

You know what cheeses me off?

And I’m being serious here.

People and companies who take advantage of their customers/clients.

In the art world, for example, there are galleries that charge for wall space. This is more common than you might think.

Oh, but it’s normal? HA no.

Because any so-called gallery that does that, doesn’t care about making sales. They aren’t selling art, they’re selling wall space.

I have ZERO respect for those kinds of galleries.

Don’t even write to me to tell me how good they can be or whatever. Just no.

You see, I’ve worked with a gallery like that. And a crafts/artsy store too. Pay per show or per month.

The people I paid were really nice. The sweetest ever.

And of course they were because I was their customer. They wanted to part me and my money. They never bothered really trying to sell my art because their job was already done.

Full walls? Check.

Crowds of art buying people through the door? Who cares?

Online, there are tons of other companies ready to part artists with their money.

Buy this course and improve your sales!

Sell your art through us and make a percentage of the sales!

Pay a monthly fee and get a completely useless agent!

These companies must make a killing because they’re everywhere.

And artists, especially ones starting out, are usually tight for cash and desperate for exposure. Spare money goes to art supplies and let me tell you, they ain’t cheap.

So what’s an artist to do?

Be very, very aware that an artist and their money are easily parted.

Never go for the pay-for-space gigs. Ever.

And take a good look around, see what other people are doing and then do something completely different.

Being one of several thousand artists on an arts site just hides you in the crowd, surrounded by competition.

The print-on-demand places usually pay a tiny amount to the artist and cite the rest as their own costs. For every print sold, know that you get a dollar or two and they get the rest. They wouldn’t exist without the artists, but that’s just a tiny detail.

And when/if you choose to show with a gallery? Choose one that charges commissions on sales. They’re the ones that have your back. That know exactly who their customers are.

This is why my prints are only available on my site. I don’t pay fees to 3rd party sites. I completely control the quality of my prints myself.

And this is why my art is currently at X Gallery. They know who their customers are. They know how to treat their artists. And they are truly fantastic people.

So if you’re looking for some art, head on over to my site and take a look around. And know that you’re supporting an individual artist with every purchase and not some sleazy, unethical 3rd party.

And if you want one of my Wonder Woman paintings, they’re at X Gallery until March 15th. Plus, you have the option to purchase raffle tickets to win the biggest Wonder Woman painting I’ve ever done. All proceeds go to Violence Against Women Services Elgin.