June 2, 2016

Indiana…Let It Go

You know, there are some people who come together and make magic, and I don’t mean the kind of magic you might be thinking of.


Lightning in a bottle.

Rufus and Bobby are a good example.

Riggs and Murtaugh.

Kirk and Spock.

Sean Connery and Harrison Ford.

By far… MILES… this is the best Indiana Jones movie. And a good part of that is owed to the magic that happened between these two actors.


So when it was (strongly) suggested to me that I needed to paint Sean Connery, the first film that came to mind was this one.


Of course, I love Connery as Bond. The best Bond ever, though Daniel Craig is a very close second.


And in countless other movies he was incredible. And hot. And powerful. But you can really see his range when he plays a fumbling, slightly awkward dad, who always seems a few steps behind his son.


Requests like these make me SQUEE because I’m working from something I already love. And any excuse to rewatch a movie I love is fine by me. Sorry…WORKING HERE! Heh.


I particularly loved this moment because Jones Sr. is seeing his son, truly seeing him, and the look is nothing but love.


Throughout the movie, Indy is trying to gain his father’s approval and always seems to fall short. But he’s wrong because the approval was always there.



Indiana…Let It Go

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.