Inspired? Want to share? Here’s how to go about it

I have a friend who asks the most interesting questions. I love our conversations because she makes me THINK and FEEL and just… oh, be glad I am surrounded by incredible people.

We recently got into a discussion about art and inspiration and more. And it was so interesting, I asked her if I could write about it here.

Number one question was: if someone found art online that they liked and wanted to share it but didn’t know who the artist was, what do you do?

There’s always reverse image search. The best one is powered by google and you can find it here

It’s incredibly useful for artists to see who’s stealing their work. But it’s also fabulous for finding out who made something. Simply upload an image and blam-o! Similar images found.

If you don’t have the time though, I’d say share and include “artist unknown”. Maybe even ask in your post if someone knows who did it. So many people are great with that kind of info.

Bottom line is SHARE. Sharing an artist’s work is the best way to get the word out about them. Sharing makes a huge difference.

The second question is a bit more murky: what if you’re inspired by an artist’s style? When is it ok to copy them?

It is never ok to copy an artist’s style or painting if you are selling it. I’m just going to put that out there.

BUT… if you are trying something new… or maybe want to jump off from that style and have no intention of selling it… I’d say go for it.

AND if you want to share your art, do go ahead and tag the artist or mention their name. Like this:

OMG I LOVE Paula Mould’s art!!! And I wanted to paint like her so I made this. Yasssssss! I’m never selling this beautiful painting I made but I wanted y’all to see it and love it!

And see, then your thing becomes a love letter to the artist. Spreading the word but also showing her that she’s inspired creativity in someone. Made art by proxy, if you will.

I know my work has inspired a number of people to pick their brushes up, or pick them back up, and it’s a huge honour every time. Like I made a difference, a good one, in someone’s life.

And that’s fucking awesome.

Got questions? Feel free to ask. I’m nice. I love talking art or ethics. Just DM or shoot me an email. And if I don’t know the answer, I will make something up. Promise.

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