June 30, 2016

Insufficient Facts Always Invite Danger

In my ongoing series for X Gallery’s August show entitled “Sci,” here’s the latest painting.

I’m working on painting the main bridge crew from the original Star Trek series. A show I grew up watching in syndication and loving a whole lot.

And a show that is travelling as an active part of my journey as an artist.

You may have noticed that my style has evolved a lot recently. And it’s all good. My style reflects my confidence and experience as a portrait artist and I am thrilled to let it go where it will.

My most important job as an artist is to create. I’ll leave the analysis to people who don’t.

Do you know what’s awesome?

Black canvas.

It’s dramatic. It’s impressive. It’s sexy.


Colours just pop.


Drama just happens.


And it tasks me to push harder. Try more things. Be daring.

With canvas like that, how could I not love it?


Insufficient Facts Always Invite Danger

20″ x 16″

Acrylic on canvas.