December 8, 2016

It’s a matter of perspective

It’s late this year, but winter has finally come to my area of Canada. I’m currently waiting for at least 20cm of snow to fall.

I have mixed feelings about winter. I loved it as a kid. The world was transformed. Dressed up. So much nicer and cleaner than before.

As an adult, I lament the pain in my hands that comes with the cold. Having to scrape my car off and wear bulky clothing. Everything seems more difficult in the snow.

I spent some time trying to get anyone from a warm state to adopt me. I even threw in a horse as a bonus (not my horse, but at this point I was desperate). And then I realised something: approaching winter with dread was ruining the whole season.

Winter is a time to slow down. Get cozy. Do different things outside.

And most of all, winter is a chance to see the world wearing her best clothing. The shine and sparkles off the snow are beautiful. The hush that falls because snow muffles sound, is refreshing.

We can track all the tiny creatures by their foot prints!

We can play a scavenger hunt and try to find out vehicles under the snow. (Have I mentioned we usually get a lot?)

We can make a six-foot snowman, build a quinzhee and then tumble into the house re- cheeked and cold, warming up with hot chocolate and heart-warming movies.

It’s a gorgeous time of year.

How I face this time of year matters. And I’m determined to face it with joy and excitement.

Funny how perspective matters.

(That’s an art joke, laugh).

I’m off to paint, feeling lighter and ready to face Snowmageddon 2016. Here’s hoping there’s gas in the snowblower!