June 14, 2016

I’ve Had To Grow This Moustache Just So That People Would Recognize Me

Paintings are always a challenge in their own right. Getting a likeness to stick. Finding good colours. Composition. Lots of things. But when my style starts morphing, there’s more challenge involved.

I knew, before putting brush to canvas, that this painting would be something different. A new kind of challenge. I didn’t want to just paint in flat colours or in a predictable way. I wanted something new and different.

I’ve talked about this before, that Sherlock works on so many levels. From the writing that is typically well-paced and interesting (we’ll ignore some silliness in the first episode or two), to the actors who are incredibly well cast, and to the cinematography and graphic design of the show.

The last part is the part that caught my attention first.  Sherlock has a look all its own and it’s delicious.

I really wanted to convey my interpretation of this look in the painting. Gritty. Layered. Unique. Often times unclear until you take a step back.

Also a good description for the impressionistic movement in art. Something that I am completely drawn to and base my work off of.


Painting lights and tones and colours first. The people just happen to show up on their own. Sometimes I help them along. The artist’s prerogative.


I really struggled with this painting a lot. It felt like it was never going to pull together. I wasn’t on my game for the first session either, as I was riding out an allergic reaction to peaches. I mention that in the videos. I haven’t listened to them again so I don’t know how loopy I got, but I was pretty wired by the time I decided to stop for the night.

Did that help or hinder the painting? Hard to say.


Day two was so much better once I chased the cat out of my studio. LOL. I decided I had nothing to lose, so I painted more boldly. Being bold, making the scary moves, can really make a painting. I need to remember that.


And once I deviated from the colours in my reference material, everything pulled together. Whew!


It’s worth watching the videos, especially if you’re an artist. I talk about the struggles to leave the known path. What decisions I’ve been making with my career vs. what other fandom painters are doing. How much easier would it be if I just followed the crowd, but I can’t. I can’t. That’s a spoiler right there.


“I’ve Had To Grow This Moustache Just So That People Would Recognize Me”

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on canvas.