November 27, 2015



sm_20151126_203049-1This was the painting I did last night. The last of my commissions for the week only this time, the client was someone who wasn’t expecting a painting.

One of the biggest aspects of my life right now is weight lifting. I initially started at the gym to encourage my family to go. And I stayed because working out made me a happier and nicer person. I’ve had two trainers so far, and I’m two for two for losing them! (It’s not my fault! Really. Probably!) But the recipient of this painting was my current/just-now-leaving-me trainer.

There are so many good reasons to work out. I can blah blah blah all day long about them. I’m sure you can too. I won’t go there right now. I’m not in it to lose weight or whatever, I just needed to do something active because I drive a desk all day and an easel at night. Neither job is active.

sm_20151126_204758My trainer did more than keep me on track; he pushed me. He mocked me. He made me rethink everything. He is, in fact, one of the reasons I am painting so damn much. 

If I can get my head around deadlifting 220 pounds or doing a full clean and jerk with 95 pounds (this is where you throw the fucking bar and catch it), I can do anything.  Including ComicCons and getting my art out there. Sportsing: it’s what’s for breakfast.

And getting myself in the right mindset for my very long days is so important. I’m up early every day and working until late almost every night. I love working, but to run the marathon you have to train. And apparently training includes hitting me with constant DC references when I am so very clearly a Marvel girl.

I would never put down someone’s fandom (except yours, Dylan ha!), but I find the Dark Knight movies very dark.

sm_20151126_205831But do you know what makes for great paintings? Yeah… dark.

I set out slightly reluctantly, knowing I would be painting this version of the Joker. Knowing I would have to get into the fandom to a certain degree because I can’t paint what I don’t know. And then something happened.

The grit and intensity of Heath Ledger’s Joker hit me. His pain and anger and anguish. His potential for violence because there’s nothing left.

The feels were too much and they needed to be painted.

sm_20151126_210350 sm_20151126_211340

And layer upon layer, I creeped myself out more. Spending time with this character, listening to Dark Knight soundtrack music.


I did make some design choices to nod at earlier versions of Batman. I grew up on the 60s campy show. I loved the comics as a kid. I needed to layer that history into the painting because Batman is more than just one thing. One version. So the choices I made for colour, especially on the shirt, and the ink type lines and dots were all deliberate.

I love this painting so much. It turned out amazeballs. And I think I may just paint more in this fandom.



Acrylic on canvas

The original is already gone, but prints are available HERE.

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