January 26, 2017

Judgey McJudgerson on Judgement Day

I watched Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby on Supernatural, disappear from Twitter and Facebook this past weekend.

I follow him because his posts are thought provoking, intelligent and usually interesting. If I disagree with something I generally just ignore it or maybe think about why he has his point of view.

No vicious responses from me. And definitely no judging.

A similar thing is going on right now with the leads of Supernatural. They answered a question at a con and some of the fandom isn’t happy with the response. Guess what’s happening?

But this doesn’t just happen to people with high profiles. Nope.

Our world has changed so much in the past decade it’s almost unrecognizable. You know the first smart phone only came out in 2007? How many of us now can’t live without that extension of ourselves?

But along with smart phones, and the dopamine hit we all get from social media, we’ve changed as a society.

We’ve become judgey.

Don’t like what someone has to say? Crap all over them.

I personally don’t read the comments on any news reports or political posts. I can’t believe the animosity that comes out. It’s horrible.

And I think about our lack of privacy now. Some of it’s by choice through sharing, some of it isn’t. There’s no wiggle room to make a mistake or have a bad day. The shaming comes fast and hard and can be relentless.

Don’t agree with something? You’re clearly the most horrible person alive.

I mourn the loss of our shades of grey, and I’m not talking about the 50 but about allowing people and situations to be ambiguous. Not everything is cut and dried.

And it’s so much easier to be an armchair quarterback than to be making plays on the field.

I guess I’m thinking that maybe we can go back to some basic rules, both online and offline.

Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

If enough people returned to that online, the internet would be a better place. A nicer place.

And maybe, just maybe, posts or words that don’t sit right won’t end up being a place where people scream at each other in ways they’d never do in person.

Jim is back online again because he has to for his job. I hope the people who piled on him find their compassion so that he returns to posting the good stuff. The stuff that makes most people pause and think.
Did you know?

I had planned on holding classes in the new year, which is now, but it’s not happening, at least for a while.

Between painting for my gallery shows and painting for IMAlive, plus having a day job, I’ve got no time left to devote to teaching. When that changes, if that changes, I’ll make sure the announcements are loud and clear.