December 23, 2016

Just Do It

So for anyone who’s followed my progress online, you can tell I haven’t finished my first two IMAlive paintings for the Jacksonville Supernatural Convention.

Painting Baby, the car, was a lot more intense than I expected.

But the fact that I am painting her, finally, is a big deal. You see, I’ve known about the convention for a few weeks now. I talked to IMAlive about painting in the new year and they asked for Baby to be included.

I know these paintings will be seen by thousands of people and by the cast of Supernatural. So guess what happened?

I froze.

It’s no surprise that I want my work, the work that is representing both me and IMAlive, to be the best it can possibly be. It has to work hard and do an important job.

And so perfectionism reared its head.

I spent time trying to figure out the best views of the car. Looking at angles. Trying to decide whether to have her across all four canvases or only two. Should I change her colours around? Add neons? Should I become a totally different painter?

Let’s just say the mess inside my head was messy.

And I finally got mad at myself and just started. Because taking action, at least for me, can often flip the switch on my perfectionism.

Doing something, anything, is better than being frozen.

And when it comes to finishing, I don’t get wrapped up in perfection either. Having the action taken, and paintings where I wanted them, is what I’m going for.

I think a lot of people get held up by perfectionism. And expectations on outcomes. Which is too bad, because it stops great projects before they get off the ground.

When you set aside expectations and just do the thing, the outcomes can be amazing.

Last September, I did a painting challenge. It was online. Called 30 Days, 30 Paintings. I had zero expectations but I knew that participating as part of a group thing would be motivating and move my work in unexpected directions.

A year and a bit later, my work is completely off the map of any of my wildest dreams.

So if there’s a thing you’ve been wanting to try or do. An event you want to host. A moment you want to write out. Whatever. Do it.

Don’t have expectations. Don’t put a label on it. Don’t overthink it.

Releasing perfection can and will take you in unexpected directions. And at the very least, to quote Helen Tasker from True Lies:

“It’s just there’s so much I want to do with this life and it feels that I haven’t done any of it.

You know, the sand is running out of the hourglass, so I want to look back and say, see, I did that, that was me, I was reckless and I was wild, and I fucking did it.”

Wishing you and yours greetings of the season. Thank you so much for following my work online and supporting me with comments, likes and shares. They matter so damn much.

Did You Know?

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