February 10, 2016

Kili – The Wrong Dwarf

I love, love LOVE interacting with fans. And not just my fans, I’m referring to fans of various shows and movies. 

Talking with someone who is passionate about a fandom is so intense and such a high. Often because they see things from a completely different vantage point and then I get a whole new take on something I missed or overlooked.

Sarah is such a fan. She is so fucking intense and awesome. I’ve painted for her before and I’m sure I will again. Our conversations run from deep to fun to real and I am so grateful to have connected with her.


So when Sarah asked me to paint her a dwarf from The Hobbit, I was completely on board. Sarah loves that trilogy and was easily able to figure out where my reference material came from. FUCKING AMAZING! 


So when she asked me for one of the dwarf brothers, I was completely on board. Their story is triumphant and tragic. A story of brothers who fought evil. I am SO THERE!


But you know, even though I’ve seen the movies a lot and read the book (years ago) I constantly mix up the dwarves. ALWAYS. Because their fucking names are one letter difference. And because I like my dwarves dark, apparently.

So I ended up painting KILI when I should have been painting FILI.

Or fuck, did I mix the names up again?

Let’s just say it’s right and move on.

So this is a painting of the wrong dwarf and the original is for sale. And I don’t regret painting him one bit because he’s my new favourite. I only regret making Sarah wait a few more days until her painting was done.

(Sorry, Sarah!)


You know, I think if any of us were thrust into Middle Earth, we’d go mad with the peril and various insanely scary creatures. These guys laugh in the face of danger and kill the fuck out of every creature. And they do it with a sense of GLEE.


I really wanted to capture that glee. That intensity that comes from an endorphin high (and I’m sure that dwarves have endorphins because, COME ON! Look at that face. LOOK!).


This painting really pulled together. Intense colours. Even tones. A feeling of a millisecond caught in battle. I love this thing so damn much.



Acrylic on canvas

Original and prints are available.


So what’s next? I’ve got Toronto ComicCon to prep for. I’ve got a couple of painting commissions to get done. And between all that? I’m PAINTING!