January 18, 2016

Kitchener Tri Con 2016

This weekend was Tri-Con in Kitchener, a two-day event that was fantastic! In Ontario, I believe this is the only convention to run in the month of January at all. Okay, so the weather has a lot to do with that one, but it’s absolutely fun to be full geek all weekend.


I had a new booth babe for this run and she made the weekend a freaking riot.

12565635_10153710142805412_4735240423230470228_n 12400642_10153708190535412_9183023562110995636_n

This is me psyching myself up for the show. After set up, there’s a bit of time waiting for doors to open. Since I never pose like a normal person, these photos are fairly typical of me.

12540723_10153708190455412_3025569000922220362_n 12510512_10153708190390412_3500402552313573535_n12523905_10153708190630412_3945107118339584836_n12540535_10153708190665412_7907636854605449724_n

Look how awesome my space was. LOOK! I had the best space ever. Two tables and a crazy 14 feet of display space. On a corner. And I didn’t even have to sleep with anyone to get it. So fucking awesome.


My booth babe. Or bitch. Or the chick I fired several times. I think the fastest firing was before the doors even opened. Luckily she knows I’m full of shit and stuck around anyway. Though that might have had a lot to do with the fact that I had the car keys.

12565604_10153708341535412_3709855722272552042_n 12572950_10153708200190412_1480854168102779668_n

I’d just like to pause and say how impressed we both were with the cosplays we saw. Everyone did an incredible job. I talked to so many people who were passionate about the characters, their fandoms and everything. It was a fictional love-in and honestly, I was moved.

I’ve gone to cons since Toronto Trek back in the late 80s-early 90s, but I have to say that going as a vendor is so much more awesome. It’s easy for me to talk to anyone who pauses at my table. I love hearing stories, seeing mashups (Predator Kylo Ren was stunning) and just the amount of love everyone had for their fandoms. I get a whole new energy from talking to other fans. Plus, I learned about a ton of new shows I need to watch.

Below are some pics from the weekend. I want to thank everyone who stopped by for a photo or a chat or even to buy some art. You were all incredible.

12565407_10153708190970412_3989444880078362393_n 12540746_10153708191015412_3214193421932634080_n934110_10153708191070412_1109027947439237625_n

This guy? Spider-man? Best hugs ever. Just saying. And funny too.


I had a chance to look at some art from this guy. He was fantastic. Lots of stories were shared.

12553070_10153708190890412_1410673875602726234_n 12472674_10153710541840412_7693682592559081985_n12507685_10153708649215412_3108312122690820082_n 12541108_10153708649190412_3890182402369648358_n12552906_10153710541715412_6803652664753964770_n


Predator Kylo Ren, above. Like seriously! What a mashup.

12541139_10153708220775412_7829973779059033127_n943821_10153708220965412_1531241158749324488_n940919_10153710196865412_8715352463808103223_n12400518_10153710196910412_4411947375697736414_n 12540517_10153710196770412_7314795328769784396_n 12439127_10153710101060412_1104634169166235359_n8314_10153708220860412_4843872128371291744_n12509555_10153708190740412_631540462167620162_n12540554_10153708208515412_6570774430246901407_n

How many times was I captured by stormtroopers? A LOT. Because every time, I escaped. Something to do with their aim, I think! Ha.

12540977_10153710541690412_4673061586249028593_n      12512580_10153708648795412_228946382531955268_n 12509701_10153708341575412_1064220364501015024_n 12509496_10153708341650412_1432610883848328598_n

12565604_10153708341535412_3709855722272552042_n 12572950_10153708200190412_1480854168102779668_n 12507351_10153708208405412_6557866419231696263_n 1533835_10153708200050412_8166495284309838274_n12509320_10153710541560412_2289979828373325560_n12507701_10153708200170412_2674115124804828601_n

I was eventually EXTERMINATED by the Daleks for having images of the Doctor on my table. It was a glorious death.

12508953_10153710196640412_8666728516340435517_n 12508911_10153708649290412_7040014610212394619_n 12508761_10153708649430412_7166806998067719637_n12508759_10153710541635412_1144165194597598135_n   12495222_10153710142990412_7691707414804920730_n    12417690_10153708341265412_7838842163037060405_n 12400610_10153708190820412_7313939144654636306_n 12400601_10153708341505412_7966915229462253829_n12400581_10153710142915412_8900844345998597727_n  11214222_10153708341235412_6451524338160104161_n 10527631_10153708341560412_6056208984510068404_n 1937215_10153708341765412_1429106485294288171_n 1934552_10153708649065412_9199344649835193418_n   8783_10153708649115412_2822216695422034754_n  8239_10153710196695412_7005174196316913363_n5484_10153710196680412_4652361725998817058_n

I just want to say, the woman next to Castiel in the above image? She’s the fucking IMPALA! I am not even joking. How INCREDIBLE is that?

I am thrilled to have spent the weekend among my people. The show was small enough to get to know a lot of you. I met some awesome artists and vendors as well. If you’re in the area next January, this is a fan run, intimate and incredibly fun con to attend. And you don’t have to mortgage your house or sell your first born child to get in!

I’ll be returning to 30 Days 30 Paintings in a few days. I’ve got commissions this week that are six kinds of awesome.

Want to see where I’ll be next? Check out my events page for more details. Right now, next up is Toronto ComicCon in March! Woot!