February 16, 2017

Let’s All Be Tony

Tony is my personal trainer and has been for a while.

He asked me to write about him in these emails. Hi Tony! This is what you’re getting.

Tony is the kind of person who approaches life with joy. The guy is always happy. His exuberance can be contagious.

Today, I didn’t want to get up to go to the gym. 5:30 is pretty fucking early and some days the act of getting up is painful.

I drag my ass out of bed at that ungodly hour four days a week.

At my age, working out means putting future health in the bank. Once you hit forty, and I’m just a wee bit over that, exercise becomes something that prevents future dementia and immobility. If I’m going to age, I’m going to age as gracefully as possible.

And with muscles.

Tony’s attitude to work is inspiring to me and it’s something I’ve wanted to share but I’m trying to figure out how to write about him without making him sound perfect.

We’re all kintsugi. None of us are perfect.

Our beauty lies in our imperfections.

So what can I say that isn’t trite or meaningless?

When things get me down, or feel impossible, I try to flip them on their heads. Look for the good stuff because we invariably see what we focus on.

When I drag my ass out of bed on workout days, I try to focus on the fun I’m about to have.

There’s a person waiting for me, ready to cheer me on. It’s the biggest reason why I’ve been going to the gym for years.

Some days we need just one person to stand there and celebrate our victories.

That’s Tony for me. He celebrates. He challenges. He loves his job.

So even if the rest of my day is shit, and it usually isn’t, I always start out in the right frame of mind.

Go me!

And Tony? Thank you. Really.

The serious amounts of weights I have lifted have been because you truly care. The fact I can box is because you stand there and take my hits.

When I have you at my back, I know I can do anything.

We all need a Tony in our lives. And, where possible, we should be Tony for other people.

Because lifting each other up to achieve insane goals? It’s the best part of being alive.