September 23, 2015

Looking For God In All The Wrong Places – Day 22 Challenge Painting

I loved how completely different my “Pie” painting turned out. It was completely different from everything else both in palette and style. I’ve decided to turn that into a series. Right now a series of three, but I think I will be adding more characters. Crowley for one. Kevin. Gadreel. And so on.


For my portraits, I usually don’t work on white. I love the feeling I get of carving away the black on black canvases, adding bright colours and building a painting. It’s fantastic and fun. But there’s something about white canvas that works so well with yellows and magentas. And oddly enough, I do a lot less underpainting on the white. Maybe because the colours react differently. Maybe because it’s a less sensual experience. Not sure.

White canvases make me handle the paint differently. This I know. Like water colour, I let the layers show through. 

sm_20150922_195308-1 sm_20150922_195957-1

And layers are so important. Look at how each one makes a difference. When I’m painting in this style, I feel like a multi-pass printer. When I was learning prepress back in school, we had to be aware of how to separate our art. Printers used (and still do) CMYK for layers. Cyan (blue), Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Whites appeared by omission of colour. When I look at my source material for paintings like these, I see them in my head, in layers. And that is how I painted this one.



“Looking For God In All The Wrong Places”


Acrylic on canvas 

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