April 25, 2016

Love Me Some Pie

I’ve been searching for two years for studio space in my community. It’s been a frustrating search that is pretty much over. And not in the happy, I’ve got a studio way, either.

Small communities can be awesome places to raise a family. To slow down. To experience a more natural life. To experience the smells of spring when the fields are being prepped. We probably shouldn’t talk about that. Someone send me nose plugs!

But the downside of living in a small community is the lack of business space available. Suitable business space. And I get that there’s a trade off. And something has to give.

Right now I paint from a second building on my property, but I’ve outgrown the space. And, I can’t teach classes in that space. It’s just not feasible. And teaching is something I want to do. In my own space. Without being a nomad.

So it’s time to look outside of my community and see what I can round up. If you are in the London or Thames Centre area and have a line on space, let me know. In the meantime, in videos below, you can see my newly expanded space which should hold me until I find something just for me.

I don’t normally paint from promo photos or stills. It happens on occasion. Sometimes for a commission. But I prefer working from screen shots that I capture and adjust.

But this image? It was begging to be painted.

And it’s the kind of painting that makes the viewer feel like they’re being watched. Because Supernatural? It needs to be slightly unnerving. Slightly creepy. A nod to its horror roots.

Quick but messy drawing in place and it was time to get going. The drawing part is so important, but I like to get it done fast so I can get to the good bits. And for me, the good bits involve paint.


In some of my paintings, I need to establish major shapes right away,. Those are the paintings where I hit the black hard and fast. Black is a heavy colour and it anchors a painting like no other.

I’ve also learned to hit the white too at this stage. Because I work with chalk on canvas, my paintings always start out murky and muddy. Blocking in the white areas really makes a difference.

Fun fact: if you order a commission, I will tag you on Facebook so you can see it come to life live. Because art is a journey, and I like to drag everyone along with me.

How awesome is that?



Strong colours. Strong shapes.

Red is such a pain in the butt to work with. It dries darker or lighter than it appears. It’s more translucent except when it isn’t. And it can make or break a painting. I ended up using quite a few red variations in this one.


Oh look! Who is that crazy nut at my easel? You can see Dean doesn’t look too impressed at this point! Ha.


Adding in the brighter red really made all the difference. This was when I knew the painting was going to pull together for me.

I talk about this more in the videos below, but the painting is wildly out of balance here. His head doesn’t quite belong. His body fades into the background. So while his face is coming together nicely, the painting as a whole still doesn’t work. But that’s okay, because I knew what to do.


Green shirt. It added weight and depth and so much more. All that was left to do was to refine and paint the details.


“Love Me Some Pie”

18″ x 14″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.