October 27, 2017

Making room for play

Yesterday (today for me) I went over to a friend’s house to play.

Ha, that sounds kinda cute when I read it back. Me, a grown ass adult went to play.

But, you know I’m suffering from burn out and overwhelm at the moment. For a few years now, I’ve been running two businesses single handedly, plus doing volunteer work and raising three kids, and it has finally caught up with me.

I haven’t played in a creative sense for a while. Years.

And this friend, someone I’ve known since grade 6 (eeep!) had a stack of felt and no agenda. And we sat and talked. I glued, she sewed.

It was nice.

And the thing I made was truly free-form but I ended up with a felt piece of faces peeking out from behind things. Lots of eyes. Lots of felt leaves covering them up partially.

It probably says something about my current state of mind.

But I didn’t feel stress making. I didn’t feel like wandering away. I just enjoyed the journey of cutting and gluing.

And looking at these little faces, I realize the piece isn’t done but I’m happy to sit with it while I let ideas just bubble. I think there’s some paint needed. Maybe a canvas.

Generally, I don’t like working without a plan. Materials cost money. Creating costs time. There’s always the adult idea of cost involved.

Don’t waste anything.

And putting that idea down, allowing myself to make garbage and mistakes, was entirely freeing. And as I look at the piece, I know that regardless of its actual outcome, it has already worked its magic.

It cannot be garbage or a waste because play was the whole point.

This weekend, find a moment or a few hours, and do something garbage. Something fun. Something just for you. Something that is play.

Even better, grab a friend. Play together. There’s magic to be found if you just let go.

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