Midlife Muthafukka – the book trailer

While you are reading this, I am flying home to Canada. Probably already planning my next trip back. Definitely a little hungover.

This is how I plan on living my life now. Big. Hungover. And ZERO regrets. Ok, maybe not so much the hungover part.

I went to Spain to get my feet underneath me. To write a book. To make big decisions outside of the constant distraction of my life.

I’ve acquired feet, made the choices, written the book.

Midlife Muthafukka is the book I’ve been writing. You’re all probably wondering why the fuck am I writing this book when I should be on Finding Inclusivity?

I started this one first. I finished the first draft in May of this year.

I know I’m going to make mistakes in the whole process, so I want to make them here.

Oh and I’ve got a few things to say about finding myself suddenly at midlife and wondering how the hell I got here so fast!

The whole point of this book is to laugh at midlife. Maybe change paths and toss things upside down like the best kind of pasta. Finding the flavour. Because this stage of life is weird and hard and there seems to be a lack of muscle cars around me. How are you doing with the muscle car status? Don’t tell me if you have one. Just no.

One of my friends asked me for a book trailer. A teaser. A thing to get a taste for what I’m writing. Here’s a taste of the current chapter titles as they stand right now. Of course, anything can change so don’t get attached or married to any one of them!

Is It A Midlife Crisis If You Don’t Get A Muscle Car?
So What The Hell Did Santa Bring You?
Spell My Name With An S
It’s Opposite Day
Be The Neon In the Box Of Markers
Do Not Collect And Keep The Whole Set
20/20 is Foresight
Death Star Clean Your Home and Life
Do Not Eat Your Placenta
If Your Life Is A Gallery, What Kind Of Art Do You Have?
Be A Dreamboat
June Cleaver Secretly Drank
Laziness Saves Lives
Take The Pins Out Of The Effigy And Put It Away
When Life Steals Your Suitcase, Here’s How To Deal
Patterns Are For China, Break Yours Today
If You’re Going To Spain, You Might As Well Go To The UK Too
Unicorn Socks Are The Key To Living A Ridiculous Life

I was reading the list and added the placenta one in there on a whim. I think it’s not a real book if we don’t talk about important subjects like eating our own used up organs. Right?

I won’t be running a crowdfunding for this book, I’ll just have it as an ebook and available through print on demand. I need to see what I don’t know about creating a book from scratch. I think there’s a whole lot.

And hell, I need to get this stuff out. It’s weird inside my head!

Kind words. Small changes.  An ebook to brighten your today and tomorrow. From me to you.

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