September 23, 2015

Nerd – Day 22 Challenge Painting

This painting almost wasn’t.

It’s hard to paint two portraits in a row. One is exhausting and two is just everything I have. When I paint at night, I’ve already done a full day of other things. I lift weights and run at the gym. Olympic lifting, which is all kinds of awesome. Then I work at my day job as a programmer and creative director of my technical company.  A small break for food and then I paint until I can’t paint any more. Somewhere I fit in watching my fandoms. Sleep? Well we won’t talk about how little I get of that right now.

The highlight of my every day is always painting. I paint and paint because I need it to live. It’s the very air I breathe and the light in my soul. Painting for me isn’t as much about the end result as it is about the journey. Feeling all the feels, as it were. 


I had just finished my Castiel painting and knew I was going to paint this next. No question. We can’t have Dean and Castiel without Sam. But as I painted, I was struggling to get it right. Sam wasn’t Sam enough. And seeing the colours in layers wasn’t as easy in the second lap.


A strong drawing makes all the difference in portraits. I’ve talked about this before. Getting everything in place including major shadows outlined takes a lot of pressure off when painting. I wasn’t sure if my drawing was strong enough because critical parts were in shadow and unclear in the source material. I also struggled with the layers.

This painting, like the character it portrays, was complicated with no easy definitions. I ended up going back and adding many layers in and re-adding colours until everything came together.

sm_20150922_214240-1 sm_20150922_222203




Acrylic on canvas

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