Do you know what the best part of cons are?


Not that ^^

But I love the cars!


There’s my childhood right there. I loved the car more than the characters.


But even then, it’s not the cars. Well, except for one and we all know which one I mean. *cough cough* BABY *cough*

Cons are incredible, but it’s not the location either, though that’s awesome too.


It’s not even the food! Though I love trying new things all the time.


My life goals included going to an IHOP and I can say now: life goal achieved.


Food does matter. A lot. But that’s not the best part of cons for me.

Give up?

Without even trying?

It’s the people!

New friends and old.

20160604_111723 20160604_111715

Everyone in cosplay

20160604_105457 20160604_105308

Time to be goofy.

20160604_094629 20160604_094411


The people who stop and talk about their costumes and share their fandom loves.

20160603_170633 20160603_170628

The people who are bears.


The aliens.


Did I mention the goofs? ha

20160602_185528 20160602_185518

This is why I go to cons. A big thanks to everyone who stopped by my table to talk, be silly, and share. You are all every kind of awesome.