October 13, 2015

On The Job

I’m catching up on posting about paintings I’ve done this year. A number of them were never featured on the site. It’s time to take a closer look now.

Supernatural is an awesome show. It’s been running for 11 years and can easily be called “The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean.” It’s a show that is successful because of the central characters and their commitment to each other. Or insane co-dependency. Needless to say, if I watch something, I usually end up painting it. This was my first Supernatural painting.


I’m a huge fan of painting people and things out of focus. It’s something we see all the time on tv – depth of field it’s called. And so I tend to incorporate that into my paintings as well. There are challenges that come with that because it’s so hard to get a likeness right when it’s out of focus.


I always work in layers. In my head, I see the images as if they are on sheets of acetate and each layer is a colour or tone. You can see the progression in the photos as I go from tonal browns, to adding in reds and blues.


Then I get to the point where everything is in place and it’s just a matter of refining shapes. Adding or removing colours. Adjusting brightness and intensity. The last 30 minutes or so of every painting is fiddly, but oh so worth it.

onTheJob_2015-08-10 21.19.19 “On The Job”


Acrylic on stretched canvas

Prints and original coming to my shop soon.

So…want to see my work in person? Want to be surrounded by nerds in all their glory? Then you need to come to London on Sunday October 18th!

More info here:

I’m going to have special prices on paintings, prints and more just for the event. Prints from my earlier work this year plus prints from my 30 Days 30 Paintings challenge. It’s going to be a great day!

Can’t make it? No problem. You can message me to order prints or paintings, or just pop over to my store. I love it when my art finds a forever home!