February 21, 2017

One Thing I Learned From Parks And Rec

I was listening to some Parks and Recreation songs recently.
Looking for something fun to add to my playlist and came across the gem of a song “Catch Your Dream (And Shackle It To Your Heart).”

For those who don’t know, Parks and Rec was a comedy/ mockumentary that ran for 7 seasons. I found it on the now defunct ShoMi streaming service and was hooked.

It’s considered a classic and worth finding. It’s also on iTunes. At least in Canada.

But anyway, this song is deeper than it appears at first glance.

It starts out like this:

Catch your dream and shackle it to your heart
Catch your dream, don’t let it spread its wings and fly away
Catch your dream, don’t ever let the quittin’ start
You gotta catch your dream and shackle it to your heart

You can read the rest here

Dreams are fleeting things. Powered initially by the high of doing something new or something big, they quickly lose momentum.

And it can get to be a slog.

Sometimes, facing so many defeats, it’s easy enough to lose the dream altogether.

I know. I’ve been there.

When I tried to quit painting.

When I did quit writing.

When I got up on a horse, looked down and realised I was too high up and would be forced to live my life out on the horse’s back because damn! There was no way I was getting down.

(Spoiler: I was helped off and trauma was had).

(More spoilers: I haven’t been on a horse since, though it was my dream to not only ride but own a horse).

The journey to reaching dreams, especially the big ones, can be a rough ride. Building character will do that to a person.

There are days when I want to pack it all in. When it feels like I’m making no progress and this was just a stupid fantasy.

But this dream is not something I can let go of. It has its claws in me so tight. I live to paint. I paint to live. It’s definitely shackled to my heart.

So, let me ask you this: what’s your dream? The ridiculous, impossible, maybe pie in the sky dream? Because we aren’t alive just to work, pay bills and die.

And when you add the journey to fulfilling some crazy ass dream to the mix, everything changes. And it changes for the better.