June 1, 2016

Ottawa ComicCon

In a matter of days, I will be at Niagara Falls ComicCon. The event looks amazing, and is sending me on my merry way down memory lane. Now I won’t go into details, but some cons are better than others. And some cons are head and shoulders on a different level than anything else. Ottawa was one of these cons.

From the organization to the attendees, this con was amazing from start to finish.  The people who ran this show run Montreal ComicCon. You can only imagine how thrilled I am to be participating in that too. And the show was so good, I am already booked in for next year.

Here are some moments, completely out of order, from the best of Ottawa.

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I love cars. Not in the hey, I love cars way, but in the “OMG IT’S THE FUCKING DELOREAN!!!!!” way. I really wanted to see that car at the show but couldn’t find it. To be fair, the place was crazy busy, so odds are I missed it because WORKING. So imagine my complete thrill when the thing was parked at my hotel! I got photos and video and I think an out-of-body experience from that.

20160515_115900 20160514_164213 20160513_171927

What can I say about cosplay other than: holy shit!!! Everyone I saw completely rocked!  This is a tiny sample of the people who kindly stopped by and had their photos taken. There were so many fantastic costumes and people and crowds. Celebrating nerd culture with enthusiasm and love.

20160515_114630-1 20160515_112708

Day two of any show starts out with a severe need for coffee. We changed my display around on the second day and things went so much better. Live and learn, right?

20160515_095255 20160515_095215

Can we just talk about Baby for a minute here? gfdihsdfhjgopsdgfihGIDhgfiSHDFJDs


I swear I wasn’t stalking her at all. *cough cough* I just visited EVERY SINGLE DAY and maybe more than once.

20160514_171749-1  20160514_084839

Day three. Send help. Or coffee.

Okay, so the mornings hurt, but talking to everyone was nothing but win. For me, shows aren’t just about selling my work but being among the one group of people who get me. Who care about the same stuff I do. Who argue for and against things in a passionate and intelligent way.

Can we argue about Moffat more?

Why do you hate Donna so much?

Which season of Supernatural really rocked? And how good does Jensen smell?

Should there be a Deadpool director’s cut?

And more.

Seriously. I loved every moment of these discussions.


And you guys! My babe, Andrea, really got into the con! Look at her being AWESOME!!!!


Every day wrapped up like this. Dinner? It’s in my glass. Ha.

20160513_150026 20160513_145833



Day one before we changed things up.

20160512_201655 20160512_200059

Apparently my “force” burger was from the dark side. Who could have guessed that?

But seriously, the show was incredible. It was a high for me and one of the best experiences I’ve had this year. A big thank you to Ottawa ComicCon and the volunteers, attendees and organizers for being so incredible.


Did I mention I sat in the car???