Paper friends

So if you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen my announcement that I’m going to be teaching at an art collective/ art school in London starting shortly.

It’s so fucking exciting because I’ve been dying to be surrounded by creatives in a space that buzzes with potential.

So, if you’re in London or the surrounding area and have thought it might be fun to play with me, now’s your chance. The place is called For the Love of Art and the website is I’ll be announcing my classes and workshops on social media so keep your eyes peeled.


I want to stress that this doesn’t mean an end to creating art. Oh HELL no! And it doesn’t mean an end to me freelancing in book illustration, design or publishing. NOPE. This is just the missing piece for me and a way to shake things up in the best way.

See, the thing is it’s already got me thinking about creating art. Like today, I was thinking about creating life size, people shaped sculptures. Using paper and wire or some kind of armature.

I like the idea of paper because it’s fragile. As I’ve gone through life, I’ve noticed that some friendships are as fragile as paper. A little rain and they whither. A little rough handling and they break.

Some friendships are translucent like paper. They shine light though on everything.

Some friendships are surprisingly strong like paper. You think they are fragile and something happens and you find out who’s made of telephone books through and through.

My new home is huge and light and airy and I spent some time exploring the idea of buying a few mannequins to display around. Have a few artificial, anthropomorphic friends lounging around. The idea amuses me to no end.

I’m starting from scratch here! I’m not taking a lot of stuff with me into my new life so everything can be chosen, curated and actual represent who I am and not who I should be according to western culture.

But, inspired by the buzz from my upcoming teaching and inspired by seeing the friendships I’m surrounded with, I think I want to create a literal body of work… of bodies.

My paper friends.

(Thor can be a friend, right? RIGHT?!!)