December 1, 2017

Paper tigers are everywhere

I have an artist friend who I like to connect with as often as our schedules allow. She works in encaustic, which is a hot wax medium, but in a very different way from how I worked with it.

When we talk, we inspire each other with ideas. Big ones, little ones… all of them. But there was one big one I was sitting on in deference to her upcoming project.

Paper tigers.

Now stick with me here because this is a good one. Think of it this way: we are afraid of so many things. Things that feel big and scary and maybe even life threatening.

I always worry about not having enough money to live on.

I worry every time I have to go to a social gathering.

I worry about whether I can remember how to paint as I am painting.

But the thing with these fears, that look terrifying like real tigers, is that they are actually made out of paper.

Up close, in the light of day, they may look like tigers but they have no teeth or claws.

And I’ve been using this idea of paper tigers to give me courage as I do big things. To remember that my fears may look like they can kill me, or cause me harm, but actually won’t.

This kickstarter that Skye has launched includes the opportunity to have a custom tiger made for you, based on your story.

It includes getting a deck of courage cards, made from everyone’s commissioned tigers.

It includes a chance to watch Skye’s video and hear her story, and it’s one that everyone should see.

I am not an affiliate or getting anything out of sharing this. I just know we could all use a bit more courage and a reminder that sometimes a tiger is made of harmless paper.