August 27, 2015

Put Some Pants On!

When I buy booze, I look for bottles with good graphic design. Colours, shapes, fonts all make the difference for me in choosing. The fact that I’m more than willing to try new things also helps. With my background in illustration and graphic design, design matters.

Why the hell am I telling you this?

Because design matters.

Sherlock, a BBC series I came late to, has incredible design. From sets to colours, to fonts to the gritty, but not too gritty, feelings it invokes, it is a graphic designer’s unicorn and rainbow. Some of the stories are ridiculous. Some things are easily glossed over. But this damn series has me completely hooked.

One of my earlier Sherlock paintnigs, not yet blogged about, changed the way I paint portraits entirely. I have intense feelings towards the series because of that. Spending my adult life mastering portrait painting (Never give up! Never surrender) and finally getting it, rocked my world.

This is the story about my second Sherlock painting.

There are moments in the series that have subtle humour. A blip where Sherlock is barely wearing a sheet at Buckingham Palace and Mycroft is smirking and looking…well…where he shouldn’t. I played that scene over and over again to get the right frame because reasons.

I don’t seem to have photos of the earlier stages of this painting, but like every other, it started with a very detailed drawing done in chalk. In this case, I was looking to emulate the show and decided to go for a letterbox feel so I taped off the top and bottom of the canvas.

The background is blurry and I make sure I paint in a way that reflects that. Though the human eye doesn’t see the world like a lens, let’s face it, all my fandoms use the foreground/background blur. Selective focus. And I chose to go there.


I layered a lot of colour in this painting before finishing. Lights and darks. Working in thin coats of paint, trying to make sure everyone looked like themselves. The hardest thing about painting a scene with multiple people is ensuring all people retain their likenesses. It’s not easy.

pspo_20150428_212146-1 pspo_20150521_211029

I deliberately kept the background simple. Adding in colour to emphasis life and depth.


“Put Some Pants On!”


Acrylic on stretched canvas

Available now in large and small prints. Original painting also for sale at the time of this writing.

Want a painting of your own? Hop on over to my store and put an order in. Or send me a message. Custom work requires some talking to make sure we are a good fit and we can go from there. Prefer prints? I’ve got those too. Head on over to my store for more info.

And coming in September 2015: 30 paintings in 30 days! I’ve joined a challenge and am getting ready to live, breathe and eat paintings for a month. Are you ready for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Vikings, Sherlock, LOTR and more? Because my theme includes all my fandoms! Details coming soon.