September 23, 2015

Ragnar – Day 21 Challenge Painting


I’m going to do a whole month recap on how my painting style has changed, but this is the week where the changes are coming through.

If this were a sport, I’d say something sportsy like muscle memory is taking over, or my technical game is becoming subconscious. I don’t sports outside of weight lifting, so I’m not sure of the terms. All I know is, I’m at the point where I’m painting faster and looser than before. Using a large brush for almost everything but the smallest details. Trying new things. Less attached to the end result.

It’s incredibly liberating.

Working with the white canvas for a change, has changed things up. With this painting, I changed things up even more by limiting the palette to two colours. TWO. My favourite blue, which is Thalo blue. A greeny, dark, cold blue that is both beautifully and annoyingly translucent. And the other was unbleached Titanium white. Looks like a soft beige. I threw in some white for highlights but generally I lightened things up using glazing medium instead, making the colours more translucent and showing the canvas through.


Vikings is a show on tv. I have no idea which channel since we watched it on shomi. I think it’s well designed and has strong characters. It has never captured my heart like it has for other people in my family. So I see more Vikings than I would normally and I knew I would be painting a few characters.

sm_20150921_192106-1 sm_20150921_194224-1

And regardless of how I feel about shows that are full of intrigue and politics and scrambling to the top (not my cup of tea), Vikings has a lot going for it. I love the scenery, the clothing, the weapons, the houses and boats. I love the audio track; so well done. And water. I am completely attracted to oceans and lakes and this show is chock full of water.


I can easily say that this is the best painting of my career so far. It will come through better when I take proper photos in  October, but the painting came out far, far better than I ever expected.  And Ragnar looks and feels like himself. Strong, contemplative and a leader.





Acrylic on canvas.

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