April 19, 2016


Unexpected Star Wars movie! UNEXPECTED STAR WARS MOVIE!!!!!

Have you seen the trailer for Rogue One? Because holy crap! We are getting the backstory for episode IV! We are getting a strong female lead. We are getting classic Star Wars.

And I might be a teeny, tiny bit excited.

I need moar trailer RIGHT NOW!

There wasn’t a lot to work from in terms of choices. This was a trailer after all. But I found some shots I loved that showed the power and emotions of the lead character. I’ve also got plans to paint a few other people too.


Classic Star Wars had a very specific look about it. 1970s space look. One of my favourites. And I love how Rogue One definitely took that look and ran with it.


Though painting glass can be a bitch, I decided to paint the light and colours rather than the glass. Often times, the brain thinks it knows what things look like and gets in the way. Painting what I see makes for better results.


Adding layers of colour for depth.


Really playing up the reds here. Red conveys power and strength and life. All important things that I wanted to communicate.



24″ x 12″

Acrylic on canvas