Unexpected Star Wars movie! UNEXPECTED STAR WARS MOVIE!!!!!

Have you seen the trailer for Rogue One? Because holy crap! We are getting the backstory for episode IV! We are getting a strong female lead. We are getting classic Star Wars.

And I might be a teeny, tiny bit excited.

I need moar trailer RIGHT NOW!

There wasn’t a lot to work from in terms of choices. This was a trailer after all. But I found some shots I loved that showed the power and emotions of the lead character. I’ve also got plans to paint a few other people too.


Classic Star Wars had a very specific look about it. 1970s space look. One of my favourites. And I love how Rogue One definitely took that look and ran with it.


Though painting glass can be a bitch, I decided to paint the light and colours rather than the glass. Often times, the brain thinks it knows what things look like and gets in the way. Painting what I see makes for better results.


Adding layers of colour for depth.


Really playing up the reds here. Red conveys power and strength and life. All important things that I wanted to communicate.



24″ x 12″

Acrylic on canvas