Ring! Ring! Hello, it’s your bed calling. I miss you. Come back.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve wanted, no needed, to stay in bed when I was healthy. Once I’m up, I’m up for the day, ya know?

But today the urge to just drop everything and go back to bed is huge.

We have one more hurdle to jump before the house goes from conditionally sold to actually sold. I have homes to see tonight with the kids. I’m missing my ability to paint for myself but right now I’m grateful I can still paint for my clients.

With the house selling, this is it: the end. There’s no going back. Shit is here and it’s real.

If you yourself are buying a house, remember to be respectful of the emotions the sellers may be going through. I’ve had to deal with so many bags of dicks over the past two weeks it’s not even funny. I told one buyer to take a hike outright. Our conditional buyers have been so fucking fantastic that I nearly cancelled the sale yesterday.

I have friends who have been through this. One told me that these moments are stepping stones to my better life. Walk them and don’t look back. See how each steps leads toward something good.

Another wrote me a beautiful email that ended with, “Yeah. I hear you. No fun. And then it’s over. Thank god. You never have to deal with them again. That’s the sweet place you’ll be in soon.”

Somehow, I forgot perspective. I’m living in the moment and right now the moment sucks. But it is a moment. Awful and then over.

Remembering to be soft with myself. Gentle. That I don’t actually want to go back to bed, I want a few moments of comfort and safety and warmth. I can do that.