May 9, 2016

Sam – A Teeny Tiny Painting

sm_20160508_194551For variety’s sake, I have decided to kick things to a whole new, teeny tiny level.

I’m one of those shoppers that places like Curry’s Art Supplies loves. Because I live for art supplies. I get inspired. I buy a fuck ton of shit every single time I go to that store. When I miss a month, they call me. Ha ha ha.

So I’ve been buying tiny canvases every time I go. They’re so cute. And tiny. And adorable.

I’ve had no intention to actually paint on them. Or maybe the intention was the cryptic “one day.”  But now that I am officially in the Toronto Supernatural Convention, I need to paint in a variety of sizes. Why? Because my agreement says I can’t sell prints. And that’s fine. I’m vending there. Holy Grail achieved.


So now I’ve got an EXCELLENT reason to paint tiny.

And I’ve got the brushes for it too. (See shopping at Curry’s above. LOL)

It took me two sessions to paint, because painting small is actually hard. Intense. Requires complete control and precise brush strokes.

Did I mention exhausting?

But so fucking worth it.


And so I took an image of Sam Winchester to start.

Right from the get-go everything had to change. I couldn’t use my easel (see the videos below). I couldn’t use chalk. I couldn’t use my normal brushes. All the couldn’ts.

But you know what? Changing things up is good for the soul. And it forces new kinds of creativity. Limitations force innovation. We always do better in problem solving when the sky is not the limit. It’s a human condition.

So you can see how the painting progressed.

Biggest unexpected thing? How intense the process was.


Most wonderful thing? I can paint a likeness that small. So fucking awesome.

Started on Sunday and finished on Monday. In my day job, I’m currently in the middle of a massive project, so that’s affected my energy. Plus I’m prepping for Ottawa ComicCon this weekend. I expect after I get back, these little fuckers will be easier and faster to paint. (Delusion or hope? Ha).

Anyway…watch the videos. See the pics. And yes, everything I make is for sale. Unless I’m working on a commission.












4″ x 2″

Acrylic on teeny tiny stretched canvas.