January 5, 2016

Sex and Violence – Day 3 Challenge Painting

30 Days 30 Paintings is a free challenge for artists. Its goal is to encourage daily creativity. There are no expectations. No requirements. Just be creative. I use it as a chance to play. To experiment.

Over the month, I will be trying out new styles. I’ll post my successes and failures because even a fail has something to teach. I think it’s important to show all sides to being creative, even when the side that’s showing isn’t the one we really want others to see.


From the start, this painting felt off. I knew what I wanted to see but even the black layer felt wrong. It didn’t look like the character at all. At least in my mind. Looking at it now, it’s not so bad. But then, I know how this story turns out.

sm_20160103_202204-1 sm_20160103_203029-1

The source material had a smooth, ethereal feel to it but my first few layers of paint went on flat. Flat and dull. It was a little discouraging, but the one thing I do know is a painting may feel like a fail as it’s being created, but the only way to ensure it doesn’t stay that way is to keep going.

But these are the moments that I’d rather not share while they’re happening. I don’t always know how a painting will turn out. Or whether it will. Like everyone else, I want to show off my shiny good side publicly. Hide the dirt under the rug. But doing so doesn’t help anyone. Art isn’t a straight path from start to finish. It’s wibbly-wobbly. And messy. And filled with mountains of joy and valleys of frustrations. It’s a fucking journey and the whole point is to keep going.

sm_20160103_204652-1 sm_20160103_211546-1

So I kept going. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And it was so damn worth it. Suddenly the painting pulled together and I was able to see the end. Of course, it’s all about balance and adding in the midtone blues really did add magic.

sm_20160103_215318-1 “Sex and Violence”


Acrylic on canvas

Prints and the original are available.

Message me for details.


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Plus, follow along as I paint my way through this month. 30 Days 30 Paintings is a fun challenge which can yield some surprising results. I’m currently painting my way through my backlog of pieces I had planned over the last couple of years. And some new ones.  Follow along here and on Facebook where I paint live nearly every night.