February 8, 2017

SHE is not finished yet

This weekend the SHE show running at X Gallery in St. Thomas is opening.

The reception is on Saturday night.

I’ve seen the art, albeit not hung, that’s going to be in it and I have to say this is a powerful show. Amazing art. Brilliant paintings. I’m proud to be part of this one. Oh yeah.

If you’re in the area, definitely do stop by.

The show celebrates women in various forms and tells our stories.

I chose Wonder Woman because she’s a figure that has had tremendous impact throughout the years on my life and on other women’s lives.

Growing up in the 1970s, we didn’t have a huge range of role models to look up to. I spent much of my childhood wishing I was a guy…like Steve Austin: The Six Million Dollar Man or Han Solo.

My role models were Princess Leia, Wonder Woman and Jaime Sommers: The Bionic Woman.

Or at least those were the ones that left any kind of impression on me.

Considering Wonder Woman’s ongoing story, I chose her so that I could paint her various faces. The way she’s changed over the years.

As I was choosing images and just reveling in her amazingness, I was thinking about how women are portrayed in media both then and now.

Not a lot has changed. Not really.

I started spending time looking at representation in our media because my youngest spawn was looking for role models to look up to. She wants to cheer on the girls.

I’m not an activist by any means. I’m not anti-men or fighting the establishment. What I am doing is opening a dialogue about how our culture represents women in our stories.

Dialogue, for me, comes through my art, so I painted Wonder Woman with harsh crops, almost cutting her out of the paintings. I used unexpected colours and made the backgrounds almost too bright. Dragging the eye away from her because even though it’s her story, she doesn’t really matter.

This is what pop culture says about women. Our stories don’t really matter.

The SHE show opens this Saturday: Feb 11, 2017 and runs until March 15th. With so many amazing artists participating, it’s a show worth seeing.

If that’s not enough, there’s a raffle being run with the proceeds going to support Violence Against Women Services Elgin County.

Art making a difference in the community. This is what I live for.