Childhood Treasure



When I was a child, some of my happiest memories involved sneaking into the lake we used to cottage at and collecting mussel shells.

I’d get up really early, when the air still had a chill, and the lake was even colder, and just run down the gravel path to the beach. Or I’d even skip the beach and climb over the rocky shore and pop in that way.

Shorts on, fully dressed, though never with shoes. I don’t remember if I ever wore shoes on purpose in the summer.

And I’d collect the shells, admiring their shimmer. Dreaming of becoming rich because I thought it was mother of pearl. So many of those shells were sanded and polished to a shine.

When I take my kids up north, the first thing I do is run into the lake, fully clothed but without shoes, looking for shells. I don’t think that part of me will ever die.

This shell, and the sand are from Lake Nippissing.

Approx 1″x2″ in size on stretched canvas.

This is an encaustic mixed media painting. Encaustic is a medium that consists of hot wax mixed with oil paints. Usually the wax is bees wax, but I often experiment with other waxes as well.

The mixed media may include pages from books, sand I collected in Northern Ontario, shells from the area and abroad, metal findings and more.

Please note that colours may appear slightly different in person. Encaustic paintings hold light in a special way that changes when photographed.

As with all art, please keep out of direct sunlight.

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