MINI PAINTING – Remember What I Taught You


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Acrylic on stretched canvas. Varnished.

This tiny painting is 2.5″x3.5″ in size but packs a huge punch.

The moments before Dean died.

Sam Winchester : No. Dean! I’m not gonna let you go to hell, Dean!

Dean Winchester : Yes, you are!


Dean Winchester : Yes, you are.


Dean Winchester : I’m sorry. I mean, this is all my fault. I know that. But, what you’re doin’. It’s not gonna save me. It’s only gonna kill you.

Sam Winchester : [Fighting tears] Then what am I supposed to do?

Dean Winchester : Keep fightin’. Take care of my wheels. Sam, remember what Dad taught ya. ‘Kay? And remember what I taught you.

[Fighting tears, tries to smile. Then a clock starts to chime midnight. Sam looks at Dean, crying as Dean smiles at him]

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