My heart is completely broken with the passing of Alan Rickman. A man of such skill and talent; he could change the meaning of any sentence with the tone of his voice. He could project any character, whether they be bland or complex, and make them completely, unequivocally his. This is no surprise given his Shakespearean background. And now, the world has dimmed a little more without him in it.

Technically, this painting falls under day 12 of the 30 Days 30 Paintings but I didn’t paint it because of that at all. Painting gives me a chance to express myself in ways I can’t otherwise.  I thought painting this portrait would help me process my feelings, but right now I’m a jumbled mess of sadness and the raw feeling you get when there’s a tooth missing in your mouth.

So I’m not sure this helped at all.

I think I really need to get back to my regularly scheduled upbeat self asap.


I started with the same canvas I used for the dwarf painting I did last night. While I wasn’t all that happy with it yesterday, I found knowing what to expect made today’s painting technically easier. The chalk, however, didn’t take, so I was working with a very faded drawing from the get-go.


I put the heaviest colour in first, black, because the drawing was so faint. Having definitive lines and shapes ensured that I didn’t lose the likeness of Snape. The colour also reflected my mood.


Then I swung around to do the second lightest colour blocks.


And the red pulled the piece together. From here on out, all I heard in my head was Snape sniping.

I just picked up the definitive Harry Potter Blue Ray set last week, so I’ve been enjoying the movies in very high def. My original DVDs were older and kid-scratched and just not the same quality. Seeing Snape sitting in the dining hall watching Harry Potter, the very first moment we see him and realise not all is sunshine and roses at Hogwarts, really sets up the whole series.

He’s dark. Sinister. Threatening. And all this without saying a damn word.


For details, I added in a dark magenta and refined my lines using white, black and a very light off white.


In memory of Alan Rickman


Acrylic on stretched canvas

Want to have Snape for your very own? Point your wand HERE and say “accio prints!” (Or just click on the link if you’re a muggle).


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