November 3, 2017

So this happened

Ok, without a doubt seeing that on twitter was cool but you know I’m not talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan now…. nope.

I’m actually talking about falling back in love with my art. That’s a pretty big deal.

For the past year, my art has been associated with harassment and negativity. Moving studios, being rejected by my community and dealing with personal issues to go along with it has definitely made me fall out of love with painting.

But getting my work together for the liquidation sale has changed something in me. Seeing people buy, and COMPLETELY buy out prints, has made me take a second look at my work.

I wrote last year about living in gratitude. How I slipped out of it without realizing it. And I had made a concentrated effort to move back into that state.

Not the gratitude of counting my good things, but the gratitude of the place I’m in. If you’re a parent, giving your kids gifts on Xmas morning and watching their joy you know how much it stings when they look around their pile of loot and want more.

I’ve got ten presents but I wanted fifteen! Where’s my other fiiiiiiiiive?!!

I’m going to be completely honest, brutally honest, and admit I have been there for a while now. And it’s probably very human to be in that state after the year I’ve had.

But I know better.

I KNOW better.

And as I pack up so many shipments, I am incredibly grateful. I MADE these beautiful pieces. I found love making them.

I loved the shows and movies, the characters and stories. I laughed and cried my way through painting them.

And even better, I moved so many of you with them that it took me HOURS to pack up all the orders that came in on Wednesday and Thursday.

How could I not be grateful?

How could I not fall in love all over again?

There it is. I’ve found my art spark. The missing piece of me. And it’s all because of you.

Thank you. Thank you.

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