Soul Paintings

These are a special form of portrait. Something completely different. Soul Paintings are abstract paintings based on information you share with me. They capture you in the moment.

They take more time to paint but are so worth it. I go live as I paint, listening to your music, holding you in my heart. It’s deep, it’s intimate, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to respond without sounding like a rambling crazy person, and the best I can come up with is this: I LOVE IT. I legitimately started crying. I really, truly feel like you held my soul in your hands and cared enough about it to see it and put it into art. I especially felt that way watching your live painting sessions on Instagram and Twitter. I’m humbled. Thank you so, so very much! <3


When you order a soul painting, I’ll send you a Google form to fill out. It covers things like your favourite music, colours and so on. Whatever you want to share with me to help me capture who you are at this moment.

It’s a beautiful, raw and real form of expression and the experience, and art, is all about you.

Want in? Let’s talk. Inquiring is not a commitment so please feel free to ask me questions. I’m here for you.