You Are Not Alone
You’ve come to this page because you’ve been to a Supernatural Convention or maybe you’ve seen the IMAlive auctions on the Creation Entertainment website. Either way, welcome!I’m Paula Mould and I am the painter for a support network for people in crisis.

If you are in crisis right now…

Dial your local emergency number: in North America it’s usually 911. Or if you need someone to talk to, go to and click on chat now.

Click Here for IMAlive

If You want to know more about me….

The short version is, I’ve only been painting like this since 2015. I had a Certain Death Experience that rearranged my life’s priorities dramatically. And it has led me to paint for causes like IMAlive.

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If you’re here for the art…

Well then you can have a look see at the Gallery or you can mosey on over to the shop where I have prints and original paintings for sale. Thank you for your support.