Spock Colouring Page

The PDF is here for download.

So this page is based on this painting:


You can read about the process I used here.

There are so many ways to approach a colouring page. Total freedom. Following step by step. I think it’s important to give people creative freedom to do what they want.

Want a green Spock? Go for it.

But I will run over some of the steps I used in the event you want something close to the original painting.


I started with the background colours. Going for flat blue and black. In the colouring page, I have the blacks in place because they are essential to the final result.

You can see that I worked with purples and peaches and yellows in the face.


Layering more colours brought me to this point.

I have simplified the black and white a lot to make the page easier to deal with. Go forth. Have fun! Send me shots of your final results! I love to see creativity in action!