November 3, 2015

Still Cooking

I’m prepping for a season of shows right now. And that preparation is so motivating. I dream, breathe and live painting at the moment. And when I’m not painting, I’m looking for things to paint. Moments that are moving or powerful. Sad or tragic. Or moments that are gloriously colourful.

I knew, when I was doing a re-watch of The Eleventh Hour, that I had to paint this very moment. The regeneration energy is something I’ve wanted to capture for a while now. And Matt Smith was all fresh and new and completely unknown.


This painting could have gone a few ways. I played a lot with the palette before I ever went near the canvas. I really wanted to do it justice and yet not get caught up in a true colour, flesh tone, like painting. I’m moving away from those now and want to push the envelope with each piece.


Most of this painting is background. I didn’t do a flat black but laid out a florescent green first. Then I scrubbed the black over, allowing it to be uneven and more rich than a flat colour could ever be.

Amazingly, at this point the painting is balanced. That’s because the light and dark played off each other so well. The trick is to get through the unbalanced part of every painting and this one was no exception.


As I added more layers, I lost the feel of the piece. It was just wrong. That’s the moment when I have to stop looking at what is in front of me and concentrate on where I’m going.  Kind of like driving, where you steer where you’re looking, so look at the damn road alread! The same thing happens in painting. If you focus on the wreck in front of you, you make more of a wreck.

I still panic a little every single time. Especially because I paint live. But you know what? Disasters happen. It’s not like this is saving lives or causing the apocalypse. There’s room for failure, which incredibly makes room for success.


And look! The painting suddenly started coming together. Like magic. Even though I’m steering this ship, the moment where a painting just starts to work is something that I feel a sense of awe for. It’s never a sure thing and I’m grateful each time a piece comes together.

My favourite part was sprinkling the yellow energy on the black. I have a toothbrush for that and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I did a mix of orange, white and yellow to create depth. I need to do more pieces with stars or sprinkles. So. Much. Fun.

sm_20151102_204043-1“Still Cooking”


Acrylic on canvas

Prints available HERE in my shop.



Want to see my work in person? I will be in London on November 10th and Toronto on December 5th! You can hop on over to my events page for all the details. Lots going on and I will be doing a lot of shows in 2016. I’ll update the page as events are confirmed. I’m tentative for a lot of conventions right now. Yay!