October 26, 2017

Sugar cookie flavoured tea is my current biggest regret in life

I’m currently shaking up what I drink in the evening. I’ve discovered a nice cup of tea actually helps me slow down and fall asleep faster.

At this moment, all of my tea drinking followers are probably nodding their heads. Or shaking them at me. Yes, I should know this stuff.

So I tried an herbal version of sugar cookie flavoured tea. Because apparently it’s Xmas in the shops already.

I have regrets in life. Quite a few. But at the moment, this tea is the biggest one.

It’s an odd place for me to be, living without regrets (except the tea, let’s not forget that mouth horror). I’ve spent most of my life regretting everything from stuff that makes sense to stuff I had no control over.

One of my personal goals this year was to do things so I wouldn’t have regrets. To live deliberately. To run towards the things that scare me so that my life isn’t made smaller by fear, but larger because of bravery.

That, from everything I’ve read, most people regret the things they didn’t do.

My latest biggie (aside from that tea) was to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and give a talk.

And not to talk while quivering but to savor the moment. To own it. To be excited by it.

I haven’t done any public speaking in decades. And nothing really like this to be honest. So I did what I do best, read up on how to speak. There was no time for Toastmasters. There was no one around to practice on.

And my biggest take away?

Seriously, this is amazing: fear and excitement cause exactly the same response in our bodies.

Go back and read that again and think about it.

Fear and excitement feel EXACTLY THE SAME!

Unlike sugar cookies and sugar cookie flavoured tea.

So every time I felt nervous in the days leading up to the talk, I told myself I was excited.

The butterflies were me so excited about talking. The shaking hands? God I wanted to be there RIGHT NOW!

I visualized myself speaking clearly and slowly. Taking breaths. And when I did a run through of my talk to myself, I discovered that my new fake, removable front tooth forced me to slow down in order to speak clearly.

Seriously, what a bonus!

The talk was amazing, unlike the tea of despair. I am excited about talking again. I’m currently looking for speaking opportunities, so if you know of any feel free to connect me.

I promise you, it’ll be awesome. No regrets.

No regrets because I won’t bring that tea with me. Only one of us needs that kind of regret in life, and it’s me.

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