August 15, 2016

That Is No Dinosaur

Montreal ComicCon gave me a chance to paint live. Something most cons don’t have the space for. I always plan on bringing painting supplies, just in case, but never had the chance. The one time I didn’t was Niagara ComicCon and I regretted that. We had space galore! Oh well.


It was nerve wracking at first and then I just forgot I was painting live.


The hardest part for me wasn’t really painting in front of people, but me trying to get the painting to a point where it didn’t look like shit. I worried that my current work would be judged unfairly, but you know what? With only one exception, and that guy was a dick, everyone had kind words and responses to my work in progress.

And the dick? Well, in spite of his words, the reality was I paint for a living and he doesn’t. So yeah, big words and no action.


Cons are exhausting at the best of times. When the a/c isn’t working and the area is packed with people, they become a marathon of torture. I got the painting to a certain point and knew I’d finish it at home. And, the venue for the con worked hard to get the air moving. We really appreciated their efforts.


Once home, it was only a matter of time to get this puppy finished.


Lots of colour choices. Changing the background a bit. Adding and removing detail. It was all good.


That Is No Dinosaur

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on stretched canvas.