October 29, 2015

The Girl Who Waited


I’m working my way through Doctor Who this month. Companions. Doctors. Whatever floats my boat. I love each and every incarnation of the Doctor in different ways. But I don’t have a favourite. In all the new-Who, all actors have done an immensely impressive job with the role.

Unlike some Doctors from previous years who we just won’t mention. *cough cough*

Companions are another thing though. I have favourites. I have lesser favourites. Like Clara who I didn’t care for with Matt Smith’s Doctor, but I love her with Peter Capaldi’s. Go figure.

But my favourite companion, the one who stole my heart, is Amy Pond. She was fierce, devoted, a friend and more. Her strength of character and backbone drew me in. Her deep friendship, without the ship-ship, with the Doctor was incredibly well done.

I like a good ship but I like it even better when there doesn’t need to be one.


I’m working more and more in this style that has suddenly come up. Sharp colours, large swaths of white. It attracts me and drives me when I paint. And I spend much of my painting time terrified I’m going to end up with something that doesn’t work out.


The trick, for me, is to follow the steps. Start with the darkest colour and go back and forth. It’s relaxing. Until I pick what looks like the wrong colour.

sm_20151028_202211-1 sm_20151028_202732-1

That blue? That really messed me up. It needed to be there. Layered colours have a depth to them that is both subtle and necessary. But look how it just doesn’t work at all. Yet.sm_20151028_204301-1

This is where focus comes in. Where good art stops when the artist gives up. I have to double my focus at these points because the art is taking the fast train through Shitsville and I need it to be an express train with no stops.

sm_20151028_205759-1 sm_20151028_212424-1

And then magic happens. Something goes so damn right because the next layer and the next get applied. And suddenly colours that were out of balance – too dark or too light – settle down and play nicely.


The difference between the above and the final? Well, details. Little things like adding in more yellows. Or some browns in the shadows. Tightening up brush strokes. Really punching up the eyes. The tiniest thing that take a painting from good to fan-fucking-tastic.

“The Girl Who Waited”


Acrylic on stretched canvas

Prints available HERE in my shop.


Between now and Dec 1, I have 30 paintings in the works. I got requests for Hawkeye, SG1, Chewbacca, Ten, Nine, Gabriel from SPN and Harry Potter. Plus I’m thinking some X-Files, more SPN and more Avengers. 

I’m going to paint what moves me as it moves me, but I will be covering a variety of fandoms between now and the end of November.

Know why I’m all about 30 more paintings? I’m going to be in Toronto on December 5th! You can find out more here 

If you want a commission especially for Christmas gifting, I am still taking commissions. I paint a lot and live for painting. Please do feel free to message me and let’s talk. If you want prints, take into account the time it takes for mail to arrive. I strongly suggest any print purchases that require mailing happen by Dec 1.

And for anyone in la belle province, I am going to be in Montreal on July 8-10, 2016! More information can be found here:

I’ve got a number of appearances in the works, covering territory from London to Montreal with stops in Toronto, Hamilton and Cornwall. Details to follow as I firm things up with the various conventions.

You can message me to order prints or paintings, or just pop over to my store. More prints are coming this week. I love it when my art finds a forever home!