April 27, 2016

The Impossible Astronaut – River Song

sm_20160423_210148-1This is an ongoing triptych of The Impossible Astronaut from Doctor Who. If you missed it, you might want to do the catch up reading here. A triptych is basically three paintings that work together. In this case, I had one of Eleven, one of River Song and one of the two together from a distance.

When I started this series, I was just wrapping up 30 Days, 30 Paintings. This is a challenge that I’ve done periodically to push my work into new levels, the idea being I produce one painting per day for a month. I haven’t made the full month yet. I have spawn. And another business to run. And sometimes I need a day off. But the challenge has, without fail, kicked my art into new realms.

There may be another one coming up but I won’t have time until January. Mixing shows and challenges is the surefire way to burn out and I’m just not going there.

sm_20160423_212421-1So this is where I left the painting of River Song. (above).

There are so many reasons to set aside paintings. When they aren’t working is a big one for me. When I lose focus or interest is another. But mainly when they feel like fails.

There are so many reasons to return to a painting later on. When new skills or approaches have been learned. When the moment being painted becomes inspiring again. When the time feels right.

And the time was right for this triptych.

I hate leaving paintings undone. Though I don’t use the word failure, unfinished paintings feel like almost failure if that makes any sense. A bit of a let down. A thorn in my side.

I go over a lot in the videos below. Why the painting flows in and out of balance. The changes in the colour palette and so on. My joy as it comes together.


And, spoilers! Why it didn’t quite come together…yet. But no matter, because this still isn’t failure, but one step closer to success.