September 30, 2014

The Moment

IMG_6042 IMG_6043

This was the last painting in the series. Ostensibly the easiest painting of the three. But… not really. I have never actually painted a building before. Or at least one that was central to the composition. I have a lot of years of drawing and perspective which make all the difference at points like this.


I decided to go with a loose representation. Perfectly straight lines and paint would be very difficult and, most importantly, would lose the feeling I was going for with the three paintings. Loose. Fast. Emotive.


You might be able to see it in a closeup, but Sherlock on the roof spent a lot of time looking fake. In my painting, anyway. I ended up taking a teeny tiny brush and adding some detail in. Making his legs more leg like. Edging his coat better. I think it makes all the difference.



Sherlock: Stop there.
Watson: Sherlock.
Sherlock: Okay, look up. I’m on the rooftop.
Watson: Oh god.
Done! The Moment 20″x16″ acrylic on stretched canvas. Part 3 of The Moment series.


IMG_6498sm IMG_6495sm IMG_6492sm