February 20, 2017

The One Goal I Really, Really Want To Achieve And It Ain’t Hockey Neck

At the gym I’m learning to jump to my feet from a kneeling position.

It was one of my written down gym goals. I want to be that cool person who can go from the ground to their feet in one smooth move.

My original trainer laughed at the goal. A little incredulous. She didn’t mean any harm but I guess people going to the gym have different goals.

Weight loss.

Get strong.

Feel better.

Those are good goals to have but meh… boring. And definitely too obtuse.

When I signed up my goals were to have hockey neck, to look like Thor but with boobs and to be able to jump to my feet from my knees.

Fun goals.

Goals that make me not only laugh but actually make me want to achieve them.

Ok, so maybe not the hockey neck, which actually doesn’t exist but I liked the sound of it, but the rest? Yes.

I’ve spent my life watching people stiffen and make their worlds small. Doing things one way because that’s how they’ve always been done.

Thinking one way because anything else would be outlandish. Scandalous.

I fell into that for a bit while I was working my butt off as a programmer. Small world, small thoughts.

But there’s no need for that kind of thinking. None.

We miss out on so much because we take things so seriously. Want to be right or proper or I don’t know what. Liked? Taken seriously?

Fuck that!

Have fun! Be ridiculous!

Life is too short for anything else.

I bought the neon pink Doc Martens because the colour made my heart sing. I dye my hair whatever colours I want. And if I feel like dancing in public? That’s what happens.

The only thing I take seriously is having goals.

Having milestones that allow me to reach measureable targets. And being able to look back and say, that was me! I did that. It was crazy and stupid but I fucking did it.

Now ‘scuse me because I’ve got some jumping to work on.