The one thing I do to nurture my creative heart

I was 29 when I learned to drive. I had 9 month old kid at the time, my first, and was living just east of Toronto. Public transit was easy and readily available.

But I knew I wanted more kids. I knew lugging one ankle biter around was easy but two or more would be a nightmare. It was time to do something about driving.

My parents actively discouraged my sister and I from driving and from learning to drive. Somehow we both sort of accepted it as normal for a long time. Life goes on, you continue as you know how. I didn’t even question why my brother had his license at 16 and a car at 17.

But something snapped in me and I hauled both myself and my sister into driver’s ed and we both got our licenses.

I think I could classify that as my first rebellion. Deciding to change what is for what could be.

And what could be is pretty fucking awesome.

Notice my two day silence? I was road tripping across Ontario to hang out with my dear friend Nichola of Pixie Hill Studios. I’ve driven hundreds of kilometers to spend time with her over the past two years. All of them so worth it, for the drives and the visits.

I’ve dragged my spawn to Ottawa! I don’t hesitate to hop in the van and drive anywhere. Bestie in Burlington? Boom! Visit. Festival to see? Blam! I’m so there.

There’s a huge amount of freedom in road tripping. Road tripping to meet friends. Road tripping to see the sights. To shake things up and step out of the crazy carnival that is my life and just creath for a few days.

I bet you thought the art creating was the thing that nurtures me but it’s not. Oh, it’s a bonus for sure but it’s the travelling that feeds me in every single way.

And speaking of travelling, I’m off to Spain next week to deep dive into writing the second draft of my first book. Stepping out of my life again, gives me the freedom to focus on creativity instead of the clowns in my carnival.

I’m glad I learned to drive all those years ago. That tiny rebellion has shaped my adult life into something I never expected.

Kind words. Small changes.  An ebook to brighten your today and tomorrow. From me to you.

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